TDI International India P Limited

TDI International India Limited is a leading all encompassing advertising company providing airport advertising,outdoor advertising, internet advertising, ooh advertising, Delhi metro Advertising Corporation (DMRC), mobile advertising and digital display advertising.

TDI International India Limited was established in 1986 and has since then been actively involved in undertaking a variety of services at Airports in India specially “Advertising Rights”. Over the years, TDI and Airport Advertising in India have become Synonymous.

TDI enjoys the confidence and credibility as a leading privileged ‘Concessionaire’ of Airports Authority of India in a wide ranging and all encompassing sphere of Airport Operations specially advertising. This bonding association has progressively grown and continued for over TWO DECADES and has thus equipped the Company with thorough Knowledge of the Philosophy and all aspects of work culture of Civil Aviation in India.

TDI Outdoor Advertising agency is one reputed name among the various OOH agencies in the city. With its countrywide presence offering branding solutions at the airports, shopping malls, metro stations and also at various outdoor sites, TDI India is rightly accredited among the top outdoor agencies in the country as a whole.

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